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Simple USCIS forms are Misleading

Visa Coach Fiancee Visa Support

I-129F Fiancee Visa Petition

USCIS I129F petition for Alien Fiance

USCIS I129F A common mistake is for petitioners to underestimate the full requirements and documentation needed to successfully apply for a K1 Fiancee visa for immigration to the USA. Obtain the K-1 fiancee visa by submitting a complet I-129F petition to USCIS for immigration of your Fiancee to the USA.

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Simple forms don't mean Simple Process

Visit USCIS.gov. The forms there make applying for a Fiancee or Spousal visa look as simple as applying for a drivers licence. Anyone can fill in his name, address, Mother's birthdate, pay a fee and a few months later his bride arrives. Easy-Peasy.

Where most petitioners get into trouble is they do not notice that somewhere in the middle of all of these 'fill in the blank' questions, is one terribly important 'essay question'. This must be answered completely and well. If not done right the entire petition may fail.

Provide EVIDENCE you have a genuine relationship

I got a call from a man who had just returned from Vietnam. He had spent a half year with his girl friend, was there for the delivery of their baby. But he did not provide enough evidence with his original petition, and apparently they did not believe they needed to bring much with the fiancee to the consulate interview. His petitition was summarily denied. I am now working with him to submit a proper petition. (he had done his denied petition himself). I hope within a year, his fiancee and child will be reunited with him.

I also got a call from a gal, a naturalized American originally from India, her fiancee had just been given a blue slip in Mumbai. The blue slip asked the same critical question 'provide evidence you have a genuine relationship'. They were lucky, as they were given a second chance to provide it.

Most couples in similar circumstances just get denied.

I helped her assemble a proper package of evidence, and convinced her to travel back to India with the 'mini petition' I had prepared to demonstrate by her presence, her sincerity in support of the petition. It was approved and she and her fiance traveled together back to Los Angeles.

Petitioners who submit only the basic USCIS forms, plus the 'usual' suspects of identity documents, but who neglect to provide ample supporting evidence of the relationship, are putting their petition in jeopardy. Providing the bare minimum of documentation, then wishfully thinking, 'my fianc‚e will be able to explain everything during her interview', gets couples into trouble.

A good petition 'Prepares the beach' with ample, well selected, compelling proof, so that the consular officer after he reviews the file prior to the meeting, starts the session with 'a good feeling' about the couple.

Watch this Youtube video describing how to prove a bone fide, genuine relationship for USCIS when applying for a K-1 Fiancee or CR-1 Spousal Visa, using I-129F or I-130 Petitions

If enough good evidence is presented properly the girl should have a pleasant 'soft ball' interview. If not, she could leave the consulate in tears.

No matter what, whether your fiancee can 'think on her feet', whether you assume it is 'obvious to anyone' your relationship is genuine, even if you plan to attend the interview yourself, make sure you provide abundant and quality evidence in your petition to demonstrate the bona fides of your relationship.

120 Fiance Visa Interview Questions

For more information on Fiancee or Spousal Visas visit VisaCoach.com