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Steps to obtain Fianc‚e Visa

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I-129F Fiancee Visa Petition

USCIS I129F petition for Alien Fiance

USCIS I129F Submit a petition for your fianc‚e to get a K1 visa which will allow he/she enters US for 90 days to get marry. Obtain the K-1 fiancee visa by submitting a complet I-129F petition to USCIS for immigration of your Fiancee to the USA.

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USA K1 Visa

Author: Julia Robert

The purpose of the visa or K1 fiancee visa, as it is often known, is to allow the bride male / female of a U.S. citizen to enter the United States for a period of 90 days so they can marry U.S. citizen.

This in itself is not allowed to stay indefinitely because it is only valid for three months. The marriage must take place during the period of 90 days. After marriage, they will need to apply separately to the Department of Homeland Security for their permanent resident status adjustment. The burden of foreign bride, who must be under 21 years are allowed to enter the United States with a visa known as a K-2, which is not separated from the fiancee visa, but part of the K1 visa.

The first step in obtaining a visa K1 is that the U.S. citizen must submit a petition for his fianc‚e with the Office of Homeland Security, which has jurisdiction over the application.

The requirements for the K1 visa that the U.S. citizen must prove that he or she met their fiancee in person at least once during the two years preceding the date of submission of the fiancee visa application, unless a waiver is approved. He or she intends to marry abroad, and that the applicant is legally able and willing to marry within 90 days after entry visa fiancee.

The next step, once the K1 visa application has been approved by the Department of Homeland Security, is that you then send their acceptance of the visa to the country of origin to the nearest fiancee their U.S. consulate.
USA K1 visa
The immigration officer has the right to refuse the visa, even though the Department of Homeland Security has already approved the applicant.

The reason why the consulate may refuse the application, is that the approval of DHC is only an approval for marriage, but not permission to enter the United States. Travel Authorization to the U.S. consulate is on the rise in issuing the entry visa.

To receive an entry visa and usa K1 visa reality in their passport, the applicant will provide lots of documentation and to satisfy the consular officer that this application meets all the legal requirements for an entry visa.

Some of the documents that will be needed is as follows, but the consular officer may request any other information as they see fit. A passport valid for six months or more after the date of the interview. If the passport has less than six months remaining, a new passport must be requested.

base certificates of birth certificate or a previous marriage is necessary and legal proof of divorce or the death of their partner if applicable. A medical examination will also be necessary. They also require evidence of a relationship between the alien and U.S. citizen, is the brightest part of the application and will probably require a face to face interview to establish the legitimacy of the relationship, although this in many cases must come down to a feeling by the consular officer.

Once the K1 visa is issued, it is good for travel in the United States for up to six months, and applicants must then marry within 90 days after the entry into the United States to qualify for the visa bride.

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About the Author

This is julia Robert from California.I am GMAT and IELTS trainer.Further information about USA K1 Visa and worldwide immigration info visit:http://www.immigration-success.blogspot.com

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